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   July 2009

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Food-borne acute renal failure [Full text]


A 12 year old boy presented with anuria and had a history of diarrhea within last week. There were shistocytes and high reticulocyte count on peripheral blood film....


A boy with fever and bleeding episodes


A young boy presented with fever and mucosal bleeding. His reports showed pancytopenia and abnormal peripheral blood film showing blasts.....


How to read medical literature? A check list [Full text]


To assist readers in their critical reviews, we present a checklist for evaluating the validity of a journal article...

Current status of research in Haematology [Full text]


The domain of research is in its infancy in medicine in Pakistan. We present the status of articles on Haematological disorders published in 2008 in MedLine indexed journals of Pakistan, making 3.5% of 451 medical articles.


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