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Established in July 2009
Unmasking the Regional Trends

 F O R E W O R D


Haematology is a branch of science concerned with disorders of blood cells, their progenitors, and haemopoietic organs, and is one of the most expanding areas of science now-a-days. 

This website is a kind of its own because it is both for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Haematology. It embraces not only advancements but basics as well. It is made to keep us update of ongoing research, trends in therapeutics, as well as epidemiological variations in our setup.

The site aims to cover every aspect of current importance, in the form of  Original articles to Reviews, Meta-analysis to Clinical trials, Images to Perspectives, Case reports to Therapeutics, and Opinions to Correspondence related to Haematological diseases.

Undergraduates, postgraduates, and fellows, all can avail it; and can participate in it. Fellows of other specialties, especially Oncology and Paediatrics, are highly welcome to participate in order to improve horizontal bridging of health care.



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