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 July 2012


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Haematology Updates

Khalid Hasan
Haematology Watch July 2012

A collection of articles by eminent haematologists all over the country have been published by Pakistan Society of Haematology. Its link is available here.


The Case for SI Units

B. J. Bain, UK

Haematology Watch July 2012

The effective use of units for the measurement of biological variables is discussed here, emphasizing role of SI units.

Bethesda assay


Haematology Watch July 2012

Inhibitors against coagulation factors are quantified by an assay which affects the treatment of patients with this state. It is termed Bethesda assay, and is given here in brief.

Maj. Dr. Jawad, AFIP, Rawalpindi.
Haematology Watch July 2012

INR is usually calculated by a formula which is not a simple act of division thus requiring scientific calculator frequently unavailable. An extremely user-friendly software developed by a young doctor, Maj. Jawad, is available here.


A Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy


Haematology Watch July 2012

Some cells are really hungry!


Haematology Watch July 2012

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