Haematology Watch


    Haematology Watch, Vol.5, Issue 2. 


A young girl having macrocytic naemia 




13 year old girl presented to OPD with complaints of weakness, difficulty in breathing after exertion, easy bruising, and fever for the last 4 months. She started feeling these symptoms when she was 9 years old.

The features of this patient point towards low haemoglobin, abnormal haemostasis, and reduced function of white blood cells, most likely originating due to a chronic problem. 

She was diagnosed Megaloblastic anemia 4 months ago and was given haematinics but she did not respond and now her CBC showed Hb 1.8 g/dL, TLC 50 x 10^3/uL, and PLT 3 x 10^3/uL. Her peripheral blood cell morphology was requested.

The features of CBC counts show very low haemoglobin